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"a universe that eats and drinks itself..."

--Allen Ginsberg

The body of Christ has a voice

One voice from many

Harmony is consonance and dissonance

Dance and disaster

The y-axis of holy sound

One way we know we are one

The body of Christ has a beat


It vibrates at regular intervals

The body of Christ has sex

Loves itself with a rhythm

Self. Other. Self. Other.

We oscillate, we radiate,

we sing our fossil fate as we transform

into our larger selves

I am. We are.

I am. We are.

I am. We are.

And we are all together

We feed each other at arm's length

We bump and grind

We digest nourishment, each from the other

In pairs or Pangea, we learn to love well

We sing inside each other's voices

We smell each other's smell

We die and are reborn, God's compost,

the sound of the bell

Not because we fear the flames of hell

But because we yearn to love well


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