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"a universe that eats and drinks itself..."

--Allen Ginsberg

The body of Christ has a voice

One voice from many

Harmony is consonance and dissonance

Dance and disaster

The y-axis of holy sound

One way we know we are one

The body of Christ has a beat


It vibrates at regular intervals

The body of Christ has sex

Loves itself with a rhythm

Self. Other. Self. Other.

We oscillate, we radiate,

we sing our fossil fate as we transform

into our larger selves

I am. We are.

I am. We are.

I am. We are.

And we are all together

We feed each other at arm's length

We bump and grind

We digest nourishment, each from the other

In pairs or Pangea, we learn to love well

We sing inside each other's voices

We smell each other's smell

We die and are reborn, God's compost,

the sound of the bell

Not because we fear the flames of hell

But because we yearn to love well

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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I've been working for a while to disconnect guilt and shame in myself. I'm defining guilt as feeling that I did something wrong, and shame as feeling that I AM something wrong. I recently had a big win after realizing I made a significant mistake and felt the weight of the guilt, but not any shame. Part of not feeling the shame involved taking the full weight of the responsibility. Kinda heavy, not pleasant, but so worth it. This also enabled me to not blame any of the other people involved and behave in a more adult manner when addressing the mistake.

This is part of being an adult: taking the full weight of responsibility. Further, taking on this adult maturity is key in dismantling white supremacy and other grave errors. Acknowledging privilege, and perhaps generational if not individual guilt, can be met with an adult responsibility. But shame, the feeling that one is wrong in one's very essence -- who's not gonna kick and scream against that?

I see some of that kicking and screaming in the concerted effort against Critical Race Theory being taught in schools. I know CRT is used as a red herring; that strategy packs an emotional punch because the propaganda says kids are being taught it's shameful to be "white." That's not what CRT is, and I'm not one to spend too much time arguing with folks that think it is, because it can be a logic-free rabbit-hole. But perhaps when we are fighting for some kind of truth and reconciliation, if we get clear in our own selves on the difference between guilt and shame, we'll shine a clearer light.

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Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Two of those killed in the synagogue were a couple in their 80s. Like my folks are. Like my mom who opened her upstairs window tonight and said "Call me when you get there." Every second of their lives is gold to me.

Our human family is so off track that there are more and more of us that can't find that heart treasure anywhere. We pick up a gun because it can be easier to be evil than powerless, easier to be evil than alone. There's more and more a family of the angry, a family that finds belonging by hurting.

One way to find a home, even for a moment, is by singing together. For that homecoming, you don't need to think of yourself as a singer. You are good enough, you are good enough, you are good enough. Every voice adds exponentially to their neighbor's. It's a strength-in-numbers situation if there ever was one.

We are leaving each other and ourselves out in the cold.

Come inside.

Find a place to sing.

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