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The Church of My Mind

Alternative selections for the liturgical year. 

Christ the King Nov. 26, 2023

I've always wanted to play this at Mass, and today I actually did! (As an instrumental while the choir received communion.) It reminds me of Jesus because 1. A very strange enchanted boy? 2. They say he wandered very far (where'd he go during those "lost years?") 3. Just to love and be loved in return. 'Nuff said. 

4. The main reason is because of the phrase "fools and kings." I think Jesus on the cross could be described as a Holy Fool. The Hanging Man. A fool for love! The upside down-ness of the first shall be last, the last first. And talk of kings...the Grail serves the king, and the king and the land are one.  The pastor's sermon today talked of the kind of king Jesus is. More of a donkey than a royal horse. To carry and serve and lift up those brought low. 

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